A methodology to guide writing a Software Requirements Specification document
Hélcio A. Soares$^{1}$, Raimundo Moura$^{2}$
$^{1}$Instituto Federal do Piauí. Piauí Brazil,
$^{2}$Universidade Federal do Piaui. Piauí Brazil
email: helcio.soares@ifpi.edu.br, rsm@ufpi.edu.br
Schedule:Mon 19th@11:15, Room: B

The Requirements Engineering (RE) is the process of defining, documenting and mantaining requirements and it aims to support the creation and the maintenance of the Software Requirements Specification document (SRS). This document should be produced such way that all the participants can understand it. It is basis for all other activities of development and its quality is fundamental for the project success. This paper presents a methodology for guide writing SRS documents consistent, unambiguous and automated support in its content. The methodology is supported by ERS-EDITOR tool that uses Natural Language Processing techniques to automate the steps of the methodology. A preliminary assessment highlights promising results for the proposed approach.


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