A Proposal for Customizing Queries on XML documents based on Conditional Preferences
Angélica Medeiros$^{1}$, Valéria Soares$^{1}$, Eudisley Anjos$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidade Federal da Paraíba. João Pessoa Brazil
email: angelicafelixx@gmail.com, valeria@di.ufpb.br, eudisley@gmail.com
Schedule:Wed 21st@11:45, Room: B

This article presents a proposal to extent the XQuery query language called XQuery-Pref supporting conditional preferences. Aiming to become transparent to the user executing queries written in XQuery-Pref language, we use a system called XQPref, which is responsible for elicitation of dynamic preferences and the processing of these custom queries. We restrict the scope of this paper on Government Open Data that, given the information overload, has driven the demand for sensitive techniques to solve problems associated with querying XML documents. The government open data consist of the publication and dissemination of data and public information on the Web in an open format to facilitate analysis and reuse. However, information overload has attracted the concern of customizing the query results according to the needs of each user.


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