Computerized Diagnosis of Melanocytic Lesions Based on the ABCD Method
Deysi Leguizamón$^{1}$, Laura Bareiro$^{1}$, José Luis Vázquez Noguera$^{1}$, Diego P. Pinto-Roa$^{1}$, Liza A. Salgueiro Toledo$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Asunción Paraguay
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Melanoma is a type of skin cancer and is caused by the uncontrolled growth of atypical melanocytes. In recent decades, computer aided diagnosis is used to support medical professionals; however, there is still no globally accepted tool. In this context, similar to state-of-the-art we propose a system that receives a dermatoscopy image and provides a diagnostic if the lesion is benign or malignant. This tool is based on next modules: Preprocessing, Segmentation, Feature Extraction and Classification. Preprocessing involves the removal of hairs. Segmentation is to isolate the lesion. Feature extraction is considering the ABCD dermoscopy rule. The classification is performed by the Support Vector Machine. Experimental evidence indicates that the proposal has 90.63 % accuracy, 95% sensitivity and 83.33% specificity on a dataset of 104 dermatoscopy images. These results are favorable considering the performance of diagnosis by traditional progress in the area of dermatology.


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