Using TDD for Developing Object-Oriented Software - A Case Study
Ramon Gonçalves$^{1}$, Igor Lima$^{1}$, Heitor Costa$^{1}$
$^{1}$Federal University of Lavras. Lavras Brazil
Schedule:Mon 19th@17:15, Room: B

Maintenance of software is accomplished to meet the users' needs of this software (evolution/correction). But, it can become hardest if the source code architecture is difficult to understand. Test Driven Development technique can be used to reduce this difficulty, because it leads the developer to build software with simpler source code. In this paper, this technique is employed to develop software whose functionality is the same as legacy software, which was developed in a traditional manner, to obtain more maintainable source code. Software metrics were applied in the source code of legacy and developed software and the results showed improvements in maintainability.


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