A Multi-Objective Approach for Virtual Network Embedding
Enrique Dávalos Giménez$^{1}$, Benjamín Barán$^{1}$, Cristian Aceval$^{2}$, Victor Franco$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad Nacional de Asunción. San Lorenzo Paraguay,
$^{2}$Universidad Nacional de Asunción. San Lorenzo Paraguay
email: ejdavalos@gmail.com, bbaran@cba.com.py, cristian.aceval@gmail.com, victorfranco90@gmail.com
Schedule:Mon 19th@11:45, Room: D

Network Virtualization is a key technology for the Future Internet, as it allows the deployment of independent virtual networks using resources of the same basic infrastructure. An important challenge in the dynamic provision of virtual networks resides in the optimal assignment of physical resources (nodes and links) to requirements of virtual networks. This problem is known as Virtual Network Embedding (VNE). For the resolution of this problem, previous research has focused on designing algorithms based on the optimization of only one objective. On the contrary, in this work we present a multi-objective algorithm called VNE-MO-ILP for solving dynamic VNE problem, which calculates an approximation of the Pareto Front considering simultaneously resource utilization and load balancing. Results of experiments, using a network simulator, probe that the proposed algorithm is better or at least comparable to the state-of-the-art algorithm.


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