Quality and maturity model for open data portals
Edgar Oviedo$^{1}$, Jose Norberto Mazón$^{1}$, Jose Jacobo Zubcoff$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad de Alicante. Alicante Spain
email: edgar.oviedo@gmail.com, jnmazon@dlsi.ua.es, jose.zubcoff@ua.es
Schedule:Tue 20th@10:15, Room: C

Open Government concept is experiencing an upswing. Open Government is based on three concepts (transparency, participation and collaboration) that require accessing data. To provide this access, Open Data Portals are being implemented around the world by every kind of organizations, mainly in the public sector. The aim of an Open Data Portal is exposing data in such a way that reusing is facilitated. Therefore, it is necessary to define a quality and maturity model to evaluate the characteristics of an Open Data Portal, considering different factors that can contribute to reusing potential, such like visualization, usability, granularity, data integration, reputation, relevancy, availability and reutilization. Also, effectively promoting data reusing implies setting specific norms to promote standardization among institutions, ministries and central governments' offices into the same country. This paper presents a formal proposal to evaluate – based in expert criteria – the quality and the maturity of an open data portal.


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