An MDE-Based Graphical Tool for the Validation of MySQL Replication Models
Efraín Bautista Ubillús$^{1}$, Nora La Serna Palomino$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima Peru
Schedule:Mon 19th@15:45, Room: B

At modeling level, diagramming tools such as Microsoft Visio are used to design MySQL replication models. However, these type of tools do not allow validating whether the MySQL replication model is free of errors, showing errors if any exist. Thus, we can have erroneous documentation of the MySQL replication models. Due to the lack of this feature, validation is done manually, which becomes a tedious task, time consuming and error prone. This paper proposes a MDE-based graphical modeling tool under the Eclipse platform for the automatic validation of MySQL replication models. In addition, once a model has been validated, the tool is capable of generating the mysqlreplicate commands of configuration. The results of the experiments for the errors correction of MySQL replication models with 25 servers demonstrate that by using the proposed tool the time is reduced in more than 87% compared with the tool Microsoft Visio 2013.


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