A New Approach to the Massive Processing of Satellite Images
Wilder Nina$^{1}$, Alvaro Mamani-Aliaga$^{2}$, René Cruz$^{1}$, Juber Serrano$^{1}$, Jaime Cuba$^{1}$, Yoni Huaynacho$^{1}$, Yessenia Yari$^{2}$, Pablo Yanyachi$^{1}$
$^{1}$National University of San Agustín. Arequipa Peru,
$^{2}$Catholic University of San Pablo. Arequipa Peru
email: wninachoquehuayta@gmail.com, ahmamani@ucsp.edu.pe, rcm27121@gmail.com, jubers85@gmail.com, gerson_cuba@yahoo.com, sistemas12345@gmail.com, ydyarir@gmail.com, raulpab1@hotmail.com
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Technological advances in the field of Remote Sensing generate large volumes of geospatial data. Current geographic information systems (GIS) doesn’t support the massive processing of satellite imagery, two examples of this kind of software are: (i) the Brazilian Spring project, GIS and remote sensing image processing system (ii) QGIS, a free and open source GIS. To achieve massive processing, we have the HIPI framework, it provides a solution for how to store a large collection of images and works on the Hadoop Distributed File System. Currently, HIPI only supports specific image formats, such as, JPEG, PNG and PPM. This article is presentes a new approach to distributed processing of considerable amounts of satellite images. We make an extension of HIPI to support satellite images format, TIFF, this fact helps to preserve the information, process and analyze satellite images massively to have results faster than the traditional approach.


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