Katakana Star Samurai: A Mobile Tool to Support Learning of a basic Japanese Alphabet
Juvane Nunes Marciano$^{1}$, Jaime Oliveira$^{1}$, Bruna de Menezes$^{1}$, Leonardo Cunha de Miranda$^{1}$, Erica Esteves Cunha de Miranda$^{1}$
$^{1}$Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Natal Brazil
email: juvane@ppgsc.ufrn.br, jaimecirne@gmail.com, brunacamilamenezes@gmail.com, leonardo@dimap.ufrn.br, erica@dimap.ufrn.br
Schedule:Tue 20th@16:15, Room: C

The growing use of mobile apps in our daily activities is noticed, even for work, leisure or educational purposes, in which the games have conquered considerable space. Also, in the current lifestyle of people in general, time is scarce, and these tools can be very helpful, for they are always available since the user has a mobile device. In the context of educational purposes, games have the advantages of being fun, and rather possible to play quick matches. This work presents Katakana Star Samurai, a game designed for smartphones and tablets, that supports the learning of Japanese language providing an environment for the student to practice their knowledge, focused on a basic japanese alphabet called katakana. Also, we present a test with users that helped us define the next steps of this research.


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