XML Semantic Disambiguation: Background, Applications, and Ongoing Challenges
Richard Chbeir$^{1}$
$^{1}$University of Pau. Anglet France
email: richard.chbeir@univ-pau.fr
Schedule:Thu 22st@17:15, Room: A

Since the last two decades, XML has gained momentum as the standard for Web information management and complex data representation. Also, collaboratively built semi-structured information resources such as Wikipedia have become prevalent on the Web and can be inherently encoded in XML. Yet most methods for processing semi-structured information in general and XML in particular handle mainly the syntactic properties of the data, while ignoring the semantics involved. To devise more intelligent applications, one needs to augment syntactic features with machine-readable semantic meaning. This can be achieved through the computational identification of the meaning of data in context, also known as automated semantic analysis and disambiguation, which is nowadays one of the main challenges at the core of the Semantic Web. XML semantic-analysis processing and disambiguation become crucial in an array of applications ranging over semantic-aware query rewriting, semantic document clustering and classification, schema matching, as well as blog analysis and event detection in social networks and tweets. This talk provides a concise and comprehensive review of the methods related to XML-based semi-structured semantic analysis and disambiguation. It will be composed of four parts. First, I will briefly cover traditional word sense disambiguation methods for processing flat textual data. Second, I will describe and categorize disambiguation techniques developed and extended to handle semi-structured and XML data. Third, I will describe current and potential application scenarios that can benefit from XML semantic analysis. Fourth, I will discuss ongoing challenges and future directions.

Short Biography Richard Chbeir received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of INSA DE LYON-FRANCE in 2001 and then his Habilitation degree in 2010 from the University of Bourgogne. He is currently a Full Professor in the Computer Science Department in IUT de Bayonne in Anglet -France. His current research interests are in the areas of social networks, multimedia semantics, XML and RSS similarity, and digital ecosystems. Richard Chbeir has published in international journals, books, and conferences, and has served on the program committees of several international conferences. He is currently the Chair of the French Chapter ACM SIGAPP.


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